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Food Is Medicine

Tamilnadu is famous for its rich cultural heritage and inherited ways that our ancestors importance on food and health. Tamil Agriculture is traditionally rich in their agriculture knowledge, organic farming and cropping techniques. Traditional rice varieties of Tamilnadu has rich nutritious value and capability to prevent illness but varied by genetics, grain length, color, thickness, stickiness, aroma, growing method, and other characteristics.In totally there were more than 10000 varieties of rice in ancient Tamilnadu. But as of now only 63 of the traditional varieties of rice are in use and only 19 of them are prominent among the farmers.

We at Ambigaisri are eminently helping farmers by making them as our partners and creating awareness, and aiding them to encourage cultivate more of the ancient rice varieties capable of curing illness and good yield. The various rice varieties which are commonly grown in Tamil Nadu are:Traditional Rice varieties (Rice= Arusi in Tamil)

Ambigaisri is one of the largest supplier of Traditional Organic Rice Varieties, House hold Parboiled Ponni Arisi and Idli Arisi in Trichy

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