Palmyra Jaggery (Panai Vellam/Karupatti)

Palm Jaggery
Palm Jaggeryalso known as Taad Gud (Taar Gur) in Hindi and Karuppatti or Panavellam in Tamil has enviable benefits. It was made from the sugary sap of the Palmyra Palm.

Palm Jaggery which is made from Palm tree extract has a number of minerals and vitamins.

Palm Jaggery is an incomparable substitute of refined sugar as It does not contain synthetic additives or preservatives. When comparing it to the refined sugar, the nutrient of palm jaggery remains in it even after the manufacturing process is completed.

In refined sugar, all the phytonutrients are removed during its making and only the sweetness is present, making it harmful for health.

Palm Jaggery is known to have several benefits In India, it has an important position in the age-old practice of Ayurveda. It is considered as a storehouse of various important minerals like Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Potassium, etc. The potassium proportion in it helps in minimizing bloating and water retention. Of the numerous health benefits it provides, here’s a few of it.

Nourishes Skin:

Palm Jaggery contains the nutrients which help our skin glow. It delays the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles. It also helps in removing acne and pimples, a very common problem for a long time.
Improves Digestion:
One of the major advantages of consuming Palm Jaggery is because of its ability to get us rid from digestive ailments. It cleanses the system by removing toxins from our body. It acts as a detox by flushing out unwanted particles from the liver. It should be consumed during the summer in a medium sized quantity to keep the stomach cool.
Rich in Nutrients:
Palm Jaggery is rich in iron and it increases haemoglobin along with helping in the treatment of Anemia. It contains Magnesium which helps to regulate the nervous system. It boosts the immune system thus preventing many blood related problems.
Effective during Pregnancy:
Palm Jaggery keeps the fetus safe from negative health effects. It contains a lot of anti-oxidants which is why it’s consumed from the 7th month onwards to provide relief from pregnancy difficulties.
Eases Joint Pain:
It is rich in calcium which makes the bones healthier and stronger. It strengthens the bones, thereby reducing joint pain and other related issues like Arthritis. Experts suggest to tale Palm Jaggery with a pinch of ginger or a glass of milk.
Heals Migraine:
Migraines can be called as one of the most painful and uncomfortable type of headaches. Natural medicinal content of Palm Jaggery helps to reduce this problem. Consuming 1 tsp of Palm Jaggery greatly minimizes the pain and it is also beneficial in the long run.
Helps in Weight Loss:
This is an astonishing fact about Palm Jaggery. It helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance and helps in the water retention as it contains Potassium. It also helps in the weight loss regimen that we undertake.
Relieves Constipation:
Palm Jaggery contains dietary fibers in bulk amount. These fibers supports in treating indigestion and acidity. It cleans the system properly. It activates the digestive enzymes in the body thus preventing and relieving from constipation. A small piece of it post lunch is beneficial.
Helps in Cough and Cold:
Whether it’s warm water or tea, using palm jaggery as a substitute of sugar gives many benefits. It has a calming effect on the soft tissues of the throat and helps in reducing throat infection. Taking a bit of palm jaggery when suffering from sneezing or coughing provides relief.
Relieves Menstrual Cramps:
One of the most painful phenomena every month for females is Menstruation. The pain, for many women, is unbearable calling for other pain in the body. Palm Jaggery is rich in nutrients which makes it a natural therapy for menstrual problems. Eating of Palm Jaggery releases Endorphins which relaxes our body.
Immunity Booster:
It cleanses the liver by removing toxins from the body. It is high in antioxidants and helps boost resistance against infections, thus building stronger immunity.

During pregnancy, elders give Kashayams (water extract of a single herb or a group of herbs) with palm jaggery to remove its bitter taste, every night from 7th month of pregnancy to help in dealing with the difficulties that come along. It is widely practiced in Tamil Nadu in South India. It helps in removing the possible impurities in the breast milk and provides the baby with white and clean milk during breast feeding.

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