Sugar Cane Jaggery (கரும்பு வெல்லம்)

Sugar Cane Jaggery(கரும்பு வெல்லம்)

It is prepared by boiling sugar cane juice till it solidifies and then put it into blocks.
  1. Prevents constipation
  2. Detoxes the liver
  3. Blood purifier and Boosts immunity
  4. Cleanses the body
  5. Eases menstrual pain
  6. Prevents anemia
  7. Boosts intestinal health and cools the stomach
  8. Controls blood pressure
  9. Prevents respiratory problems
  10. Relieves joint pain
  11. Helps in weight loss
  12. Good source of energy

Packing and Shipping:
We supply different grades and packing as per the buyer’s requirement. We assure you of the best quality.

Delivery Time:

By Air Cargo: 3 to 6 days

By Sea Cargo: 10 to 15 days (to the Port of Loading).